Lets Get this started!!!

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Lets Get this started!!!

Postby MadCopy » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:13 pm

Ok I really like the printer. I feel there are so many positives that its only a matter of time that this printer will be a prominent force in
Reprographics industry. However we are here to discuss the issues and help each other fine tune this beauty. In doing so we are going
to have to have voice to HP. Its almost as if they perfected a way to print at unbelievable speeds but forgot some of the important things
that mean so much. Yes the software is buggy but with fine tuning won't be a problem. Also the stacker is too short. I have no clue why
it would only be 48". I'm already rigging this for longer prints. Half size prints jamming at sizes that are too small. I think 18" is my sweetspot.
On the positive sides, I love the speed and cleanliness of this printer. To be tonerless is like a dream after 30 years of ammonia and toner.
I would love to hear everyone's perspective and ideas as we get this forum started!!
Oh yeah and HP can you hear us? We need another Firmware update!!

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Re: Lets Get this started!!!

Postby cmwade77 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:13 pm

For the jamming issues, if it has been installed on carpet, the machine may have settled lower than the stacker, just slightly. That happened with us, it should be able to stack anything longer than about 10 inches, we find 12 is our sweet spot though.

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