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Expiring Ink

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:44 pm
by cmwade77
How long should the shelf life be for the ink? We have a few cartridges that we bought in March of 2017 or newer and most of them are saying they are already expired, we have as follows:
Magenta - Expired 12/29/2017
Magenta - Expired 12/29/2017
Magenta (Not Opened or Installed, but purchased after the two above) - Expired 08/23/17
Yellow - Expired 12/29/17
Yellow - Expires - 2/24/18
Yellow (Not Opened or Installed, but purchased after the previous one) - Expired 01/14/18
Cyan - Expired 12/01/17
Cyan - Expires 02/24/18
Black - Expires 11/19/19 (Admittedly this is the newest cartridge)

As you can see from above, purchase order doesn't necessarily translate into expiration order, so I am really confused and the ink for any other HP printer or plotter that I have ever used lasted at least two to three years after purchase date before the expiration date.

Also, as a side question, is it safe to continue using these expired cartridges?